Anselmo Mendes
Anselmo Mendes

“Walls like this are no longer made!”, said Anselmo. The main difference between the Alvarinho vineyards of Monção and Melgaço (which, together make up the sub-region of Moção e Melgaço), is that Monção’s vineyards are mainly located in an ample valley, straightening upstream, squeezed between Minho river and the mountain. Then it starts to get terrace shaped the closer it gets to Melgaço. These Anselmo’s vines are a fine example.
We also dropped by the old barrels winery, now awaiting upcoming and new processes. A new visit is already arranged, sometime around September, to enjoy ourselves a bit. Now it was time for the main tasting. We sat at the table along with our host, to taste… 18 wines!

  • Țara
  • Regiune
  • Podgorie
  • Soi
  • Culoare