Cantina St. Maria La Palma
Cantina St. Maria La Palma

“The passion that our winemakers have for the art of winemaking and the painstaking analysis of the local area, which is treated with the utmost respect and constant dedication – these are the elements that allow us to achieve the best from our vineyards, that richness embodied by every wine we have ever produced.”

Our history stretches way back, to when time was marked by the passing of the seasons, and the farmworkers of the countryside of Alghero had nothing to rely on but the soil and their own ingenuity.
It is a story that speaks of the ability to trust one another, and of the desire to build something great, without forgetting how much beauty and how much value are hidden away in what surrounds us: endless plains facing out to sea, sheltered by a cove between the Gulf of Alghero and the Bay of Porto Conte. These are fortunate lands, caressed by the wind and kissed by the sun. It is a story that speaks of the precious lessons learned through daily toil. This story, our story, starts very long ago and lasts all the way to today.

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