Luce della Vite Luce 2012

Luce della Vite Luce 2012

550 RON

“Luce” was the first wine created in Montalcino by blending Sangiovese and Merlot. Combining the roundness and softness of Merlot with the structure and elegance of Sangiovese might seem a rather obvious idea, and yet it took the insight and collaboration of the Frescobaldi and Mondavi families to launch this innovative project in the land of the world-renowned Brunello di Montalcino, a wine made strictly from Sangiovese.

Luce della Vite

In the beginning, there was the Sun.
Then there was Luce.

The Sun shining on Tenuta Luce is much more than a simple logo. It tells the story of a Land. The Land of Montalcino. And of the ambitions of its people.

Every day we take care of Tenuta Luce, an authentic and lively environment, so as to create and look after some of the world’s most beloved wines from Tuscany.

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